2021 Tournament Line Up

April 24th: Pork Chop Open –  10AM

May 4th: Jesup Golf Outing – 9:15AM

May 8th: Early Bird 2 Person/Garst Invitational – 10AM

May 21st: 45+ Mens Tournament – 10AM

June 19th: Festival of Trails Tournament – 8:30AM /1:30PM (Course will be closed)

July 10th: Union Golf Team Tournament (Fundraiser) – 9AM

June 12th: 3 Couples Best Shot- 10AM Start

July 16th: 45+ Mens Tournament – 10AM

July 25th: Honor Flight Tournament – TBD

August 7th: LPC Fire Dept. Tournament (Fundraiser)- 9AM

August 13th: Wolf Creek Outreach Tournament – 9AM

August 11th: Ladies Tournament – 10AM

August 21st: Club Championship – TBD (Course will be closed)

September 4th: 3 Couples Best Shot- 10AM Start

September 11th: Dick Ingvall Tournament – TBD (Course will be closed)

September 17th: 45+ Mens Tournament – 10AM

October 16th: Chili Closer – TBD

October 23rd: Pork Chop Closer – 10AM

For more information on entry fees and details, please head over to our events calendar page!